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          All about Wac and her Hobbies

          My real name is Theresa!

          I love pets and I have two dogs. My "first born fur-kid" was Lucky. Lucky was a greyhound adoption dog and she was just beautiful. She was a red brindle bitch and very naughty - but loveable. My second born fur-kid was also a retired racer - his name was Ben, and he was a dark brindle, and a lovely, gentle boy! The Greyhound Adoption Program has greyhounds for adoption all the time so if you're looking for a wonderful pet please phone them about their adoption program. They can be contacted on 5799 - 0166, at 298 Goulburn Valley Highway, Seymour, P.O. Box 785 Seymour, 3661, or on the web at Their email address is There are always greyhounds looking for loving homes, and I can tell you from my experience that my life was so enriched by having Miss Lucky with me! I was now doubly enriched with the Big Boy being part of the family! My third greyhound is a black and white girl called Maggie, who is shy around strangers, but a real fruit loop when it is just the members of 'her pack' around! They are a wonderful pet, very affectionate, and in Victoria, greyhounds that come through the adoption program no longer have to wear those horrid muzzles! That was great news, as they definitely aren't an aggressive dog - they are BIG SOOKS!

          Renovations to my backyard are now finished, with the garden (or more correctly mud) having been replaced by Lilydale topping, (and it looks fabulous), raised garden beds and decking. The decking and verandah looks fantastic - and the babies just loved it!!!!

          There is always a lot of interest shown in these fabulous animals at the Melbourne Show - they get to lie on the couches and the people have to stand up!

          There has now been over 3000 greyhounds re-homed - and the Greyhounds As Pets Program are looking forward to helping more greys finding loving, caring homes! The Million Paws Walk was on May 22nd and we had a fabulous time, with all the greyhounds trotting merrily around together! Lucky made it around the lake having to have a couple of little rests, and Ben was very well behaved. They were exhausted afterwards and slept all the way home! Sadly, my little girl went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 25th, 2011. I miss her. We have a new addition to the family - her name is Maggie, and she is a 7 year old black and white girl who is a real smoocher!!! She has settled in beautifully and has captured my heart. They both had a wonderful Christmas, with lots of presents from Santa Paws!

          Ben, Maggie and I do "meet and greets" in conjunction with the Melbourne Vixens netball team, to raise awareness about how wonderful these dogs are, and what great pets they make. They had a photo shoot with the Vixens team, and the girls just loved them!

          We met some lovely people at Greensborough RSL for another "meet and greet" and information session to spread the word on the wonders of owning a greyhound as a pet!

          Ben followed his sister, Lucky, to the Rainbow Bridge this year, and I miss my Handsome Man. We adopted a senior hound, Harold, early in 2014, and he is quite a character! it is lovely to have two greyhounds in the home again.

          GAP has its' own property just outside Seymour, so it is now able to take in even more pooches into the program! This is where our Christmas party is now held, and my two very much enjoy meeting all their friends - not to mention all the cake they get, and the presents from Santa! This year they had their photo's taken with Santa!

          There is also a web page, the URL being so come and visit!

          The 2015 GAP Calendar is on sale now, featuring some of our "stars" of the couch! The Greyhound Safety Net has a wonderful calendar on sale now too. Greyhound Safety Net are a non-profit volunteer organisation run specifically for the benefit of greyhounds, and helping them find their "forever" home. They have a website: Please visit their site, and help them in any way you can!

          I am a passionate Rugby League fan and support the Melbourne Storm. I go to the rugby league every home game, and the away games that I can get to, Craig Smith and Matt Geyer are favourites of mine. Sadly, Craig retired after the 1999 season, and Matt retired at the end of the 2008 season. :(

          We did the unthinkable in 1999 (from everyone else's point of view) - WE WON THE PREMIERSHIP in only our second year of existence! Craig Smith scored the winning try, and Matt Geyer scored the winning conversion so I was pretty rapt! There was much rejoicing! The Mighty Melbourne Storm won the premiership again in 2007 and 2009!!!! And they will NEVER take them away from us!!!!! In 2012 we won the Grand Final! It was so fantastic to be there!

          I am also a supporter of the Wallabies Australian Rugby Union team, and my favourite player was George Gregan! It is always nice to beat the Kiwi's in the battle for the Bledisloe Cup! Now, Melbourne have a Union team - the Melbourne Rebels. I went along to their first trial game at Olympic Park, and the Rebels won 43 - 13! Things haven't been too good for the Rebels since then though ....

          In the A.F.L., I am a St. Kilda supporter, mainly due to my Dad's influence. Following in my father's footsteps in regards to this had led to years of angst and disappointments ... oh well ...... Now I have to wait another year!!!!

          This is Craig Smith (pretty cute, eh???) He scored the try that equalled the scores in our first Grand Final, and Matt Geyer kicked the conversion to win us the trophy!

          I was a postie for 17 years, up until August of 2006 when I finished up, and did some work at Flemington for the Spring Carnival - boy do you see some sights!!! I also work on-course throughout the year. As you now no doubt can tell, I am a complete novice at computers but am trying hard to learn. I make ceramics, including greyhound statues, (that's something I CAN do ok) and have successfully completed my certificate in animal care by correspondence. I have also completed the Veterinary Nursing certificate 4 at TAFE, so I am fully qualified as a Veterinary Nurse. Last year I also completed Bachelor of Accounting Degree. I am now enrooled in a Taxation Course, which runs for 18 weeks. Sometimes I wonder why I do these things... My aim in life is to make a difference, to be happy and to be content. Sometimes its asking for too much, especially with a dog that brings her bones into bed, tips the contents of the kitchen tidy bin all over the floor, and eats anything she can get her paws on (including my dinner!) About the only thing Lucky won't eat are olives on pizza, but she doesn't get that anymore. Ben also has a habit of dragging his bed out of his kennel (every day), (he obviously has a "decorator" streak in him) and it makes it interesting for him when it has been raining!!! He also likes "killing" his mat when I am out - just for fun. It looks like the Christmas windows in Myer some days when I get home.....

          Lucky and I successfully passed basic obedience training, and graduated from intermediate class! She became VERY interested in the rabbits that ran around in the paddock near where class was held! She also liked class because everyone patted her and gave her treats! She had an absolute ball at the Shopping Centre promotion, as the kids all gave her food - she had SEVEN cinnamon doughnuts!!! (Little piggy!) We celebrated her 14th birthday on April 17 with cake!



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